When I got engaged, I took out a small mortgage and bought all the bridal magazines I could find, headed to my local cafe armed with a stack of Post-it notes and started planning my dream day. A couple of hours later, I was feeling very jaded having been confronted by a meringue of wedding dresses (that’s the collective noun, right?) and page after page of nonsense about the trials and tribulations of finding your personal bridal scent. Where was the bridal publication that spoke to me?

Thankfully, when non-bridal bridal magazine Hitched hit the shelves – filled with gorgeous imagery and down-to-earth words, I was super-chuffed to be taken on as one of their regular feature writers.

Hitched magazine cover volume 2 What's in a name?

My first article – What’s in a name? – explored the various reasons behind my decision not to take my husband’s surname when we tied the knot. It was a fun way of finally organising my thoughts on the matter, and meant that I had a printed explanation I could pass around friends and family to ensure they were up to speed.

Hitched magazine volume 3 Put a ring on it

Put a ring on it – was inspired by the engagement stories of friends and work colleagues, and examined the increasingly common breed of man who proposes sans bling, and the growing trend for ‘holding’ rings.

Hitched magazine cover volume 4 Have your cake and eat it

Next, heaps of sugary temptation with a cake-themed volume, making it the perfect time to examine the history of the wedding cake in all its many-tiered, icing-covered glory. Have your cake and eat it looked at how this tradition has evolved and been adapted over the years, and what today’s couples are serving up to their guests.

Hitched magazine cover volume five The secret language of flowers

If your wedding bouquet could talk, what would it say? For a floral themed edition I explored The secret language of flowers – discovering that the blooms you carry down the aisle can be code for a whole heap of sentiments.