Out There Starts Here

As part of my ongoing world odyssey, I regularly write content for Expedia’s travel blog Out There Starts Here. From Europe to Asia and Australasia, it’s been heaps of fun compiling food and drink-themed posts over the past few years. Click here to see a recently updated list of all my past pieces, or scroll down for a few of the highlights:

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Venice on a plate: the city’s food history From wine bars to espresso stops, this guide explores the rich culinary heritage of the canal-riddled city with suggestions of where to find its signature dishes.

Coffee culture in Milan Who knew ordering a cup of coffee could be such a potential minefield? This guide to cafe etiquette includes the best places to grab your morning caffeine fix, from bookstore baristas to couture coffee houses.

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Guide to Amsterdam street food Raw herring might not be to everyone’s taste, but don’t fear – the city is also home to several great waffle and pancake shops, not to mention fast-food vending machines. Cycle off the calories as you pedal from one cultural highlight to another.

Far from the maddening crowd: top five Hanoi eateries

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Time travel: Shanghai old and new